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 For much less than you'd think!
Whether it's a great looking branded page, posting on your behalf or growing a social presence, we've got you covered -- for less!

Create your own custom weekly social media plan & budget with our innovative calculator:
Social Media Calculator


Strengthening relationships with existing professional peers, audiences, and partners is a key component of social media. 

Convenient weekly payment plan

Social Media Management

Posts based on target audience interests
Ongoing post assessment & adjustment
Posts that encourage engagement
Branded Memes, Art, and Greetings Available
Custom Project Intake that allows us to understand and strategize a customized social approach built around you
Monthly reports available
Posts are available prior to broadcast for your personal edits
We can manage your network correspondence (reply to fans/followers, communicate on your behalf on the network) if you wish
Minimal, Moderate, & Extensive Weekly Network Builds are available
Custom Branded Social Media Cover photos and banners are available for a fully branded presence.
Posts are available prior to broadcast for your personal edits
Social Media Stores and eCommerce Integrations are available
Social Media Campaigns and Landing pages (with audio players, e-commerce, and interactive catalogs) are available
Weekly communication available with weekly network builds as we communicate with your team about targeting newly acquired clients and professional partners.

Fan Retention

Retaining professional relationships and adding a social conversational element can add depth to your marketing and grow new readers/listeners as well. While promotional posts can be part of the mix we suggest an 80% - 20% ratio of engaging culture-based content to direct marketing posts.


We build posts around your target audiences interests as they overlap your project. By carefully tracking posts and content success and failure we are able to assess and mediate an ongoing strategy for successful posts that encourage fan/audience engagement.
Create your own custom weekly social media plan & budget with our innovative: 
Social Media Calculator


Social Media Branding

Update your social presence with stunning social media cover photos and banners that brand your network and match your website. We'll design them for a perfect fit and even install them!


Facebook eCommerce

Have a site with us? You can sell downloads or physical items through your Facebook store. We'll set it up!

Social Media Management

Create your own custom weekly social media plan & budget with our innovative  calculator!
Social Media Calculator
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